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Barton Products

Tripp Batt is proud to offer its exclusive range of Barton products, manufactured by its highly qualified and experienced team of engineers.

We also produce 'one-off specials' prepared to your exact specifications.

Root crop buckets

With solid bar tips,
extra-wide and 'in boom' type.
Capacity: 14 cu.ft. (0.4m3).

Root Crop Bucket image

Manure forks

Manufactured from 5mm steel back plate, with 10mm side plates and fitted with a choice of square or kvernland tines. Suitable for teleporters and fork lifts.
Available in the following widths: 43"(1090mm) , 60" (1500mm), 72" (1800mm), 84"(21000mm).

manure fork image

Big bale spike

For use with large, regular and round bales.
Choice of tines.

Bale Spike image

Grain bucket

Manufactured from 3mm and 5mm steel plate. Available in the following widths: 60"(1500mm) and 72"(1800mm).
Approximate capacity: 20 - 24 cu. ft. (0.57 - 0.68m3).

Grain bucket image

Earth buckets

Manufactured from 5mm steel plate, with a hardened steel cutting edge.
Capacity: 10 cu. ft. (0.28m3).

Image currently unavailable

For more production information and a current price list, please contact us.

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