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Crop Handling & Storage

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Better by design

Tripp Batt's unrivalled experience and expertise in crop-handling and storage means that its team can design any installation to meet your exact requirements.

Crops vary, demands increase and new issues arise. Tripp Batt designs systems that respond to change.

For you, this means maximum flexibility and optimum cost in use, allowing you to update and expand. For us, it means another satisfied customer.

Crop-handling facilities

  • Grain storage, drying and handling

  • Vegetable storage and conditioning for onions, potatoes and other crops

  • Seed cleaning and processing

  • Fruit stores and cold rooms

  • Temperature control and refrigeration

  • Low and high volume ventilation, and fans

  • Conveyors and elevators

  • Hoppers and silos

  • Conversions and upgrades

For your specific requirements or further information, please contact the Contracts Division today.

For further examples of previous contracts, please visit the Construction and Bulk Handling galleries on this site.

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